AMA Session Recap (Hosted by Crypto Royals)

Our hosts for today's AMA Crypto Royals and all of the supporters have been kind enough to make us feel at home on our very first AMA session.

Introductory questions:

Q1: Can you please introduce yourselves, as well as Ephemeris?

Community questions:

Q1: After looking at your roadmap, I couldn’t find any plans regarding NFTs. Nowadays NFTs are the biggest trend & they have a big impact in the community, with most new projects adding them to their projects. Haven’t you considered having NFTs in your platform?

  • Snap an area that can be hundreds of kilometers across, usually with a decent spatial resolution (1–10 meters per pixel would be common nowadays);
  • Continuously revisit large areas and therefore servicing many customers who need satellite observations, across jurisdictions;
  • Carry entire arrays of sophisticated imaging instruments;
  • Operate 24/7/365.

Live Questions:

Q1: Do you plan to work on a platform for DEX, staking, and farming in your project?

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Infrastructures for a new era.

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