Sfera Technologies and Satellogic work to bring imagery products to Southeast Europe

Sfera Technologies
2 min readNov 1, 2022


Building on a common belief that Earth Observation (EO) data should be broadly accessible to businesses and organizations, Sfera Technologies and Satellogic (NASDAQ:SATL) are collaborating to deliver imagery with a specific focus on the Southeast Europe region.


Satellogic is a leading global provider of sub-meter imagery with the most competitive price point in the industry. The company offers 70 cm multispectral imagery through its constellation that currently consists of 26 operational satellites.

Sfera Technologies will deliver Satellogic data products through an upcoming user element of the HomePort data delivery system, and particular emphasis is put on facilitating product delivery to Southeast Europe.

Why SE Europe?

The region is facing a number of challenges such as increasing migration flows, hostilities in the Black Sea, increasingly frequent calamities and gradually decreasing precipitation due to climate change. All of these impact the security and economy of countries in the region and require informed decision-making capabilities that EO data can augment considerably.

Sfera chose Satellogic to support its ambitions in Southeast Europe because of its global reach, high-quality data, and competitive pricing. Satellogic and the government of Albania recently signed a dedicated constellation contract for that country, while Sfera Technologies is building capabilities to democratize geospatial data. Sfera’s data delivery infrastructure will facilitate tasking and secure provision of Satellogic products to regional customers, including government institutions and businesses.

The agreement will bring the benefits of EO data to a broad variety of regional users, and improve adoption of geospatial capabilities across the board.

About Satellogic

Satellogic is a leading provider of Earth Observation data products. The company seeks to drive better decision-making through easily accessible and affordable satellite imagery. Satellogic currently operates a constellation of 26 satellites and is launching another four by year end.

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About Sfera Technologies

Sfera Technologies is a visionary NewSpace company. Operating with the belief that the space era is still in its infancy, Sfera Technologies is focusing on the design and implementation of standardized, efficient, organically growing infrastructures that will enable access to space for everyone. HomePort is the first step in the company’s long journey of building infrastructures for a new era.

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