The year of data: What 2023 has in store

Radical shifts are on the horizon — and we must be prepared.

From the Equator to the ice caps and the edge (in) space

  • We partnered with Satellogic to supply very high resolution multispectral (MSI) and hyperspectral (HSI) imagery to the entire Southeast Europe region. The NASDAQ-listed company is a leader in affordable EO data, operating a constellation of 30 satellites providing imagery with up to 70 cm resolution;
  • We have further expanded our ground station network, signing agreements or MoUs to include 14 more locations in our pipeline to be activated by Q2 2023 — including three new US sites, four new Europe sites, two new Africa sites, two new South America sites, and three new Asia sites, all operating X-band stations suitable for EO data downlink, bringing our total network size to 28;
  • We established a partnership with Canadian space startup Exodus Orbitals to develop new solutions for in-space data processing and integrations with ground networks;
  • We were a co-organizer and key backer of the 2022 Bulgarian National Space Research Forum, which gathered in one place the European Space Agency, OneWeb, Intelsat, IBM Space, the European Innovation Council, Satellogic, Vivacom and EnduroSat and other institutions that showcased the latest advances in the space industry;
  • We initiated several pilot projects for data delivery in the agricultural, insurance and disaster management sectors.
Sfera Technologies founder Zdravko Dimitrov presenting the HomePort data delivery system during the EO data panel of the 2022 Bulgarian National Space Exploration Forum. The panel covered the latest advances and trends in Earth Observation and included Sfera Technologies, IBM Space and Satellogic.

Data in 2023: breakout year?

The missing pieces



Infrastructures for a new era.

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