Sfera Technologies and Polygon Will Work Together To Build the Next Generation of Space Data Infrastructures

Sfera Technologies and Polygon will partner in the field of satellite data services on blockchain.

Sfera Technologies
2 min readJul 5, 2021

Realizing the need to optimize global space data infrastructures and reinvent trust and delivery processes, Sfera Technologies and Polygon will collaborate in diverse areas like trust and validation architectures, oracles, and marketplaces, and explore solutions that can unlock a large number of blockchain use cases for the space industry.

Polygon is a multi-chain framework enabling connections between Ethereum-compatible blockchains. This interoperability, combined with features like sovereign governance, scalability, easy adoption, and a security-as-a-service layer, makes Polygon ideally suited to quickly spin up commercial-grade blockchain tools and bridge them to Ethereum chains.

Partnership scope

As a first step, our upcoming ground station platform, HomePort, will be integrated with the Polygon protocol. This will make our partners and users the first in the space industry to benefit from advanced blockchain-based security and transaction tools for the ground segment.

Furthermore, our future Ephemeris protocol — the basis of a comprehensive, decentralized space data infrastructure — will be able to interact with a variety of Ethereum-compatible chains thanks to Polygon’s interoperability.

This will unlock a number of groundbreaking use cases for the space industry: oracle services to power DeFi platforms with satellite data provided by users of our station network; general democratization of the satellite data segment, which is in dire need of marketplace solutions and dissemination tools; and validation and security applications related to space data management and industrial processes.

We are absolutely delighted to be working together with Polygon and we are certain that our collaboration will produce some amazing firsts in the fields of both blockchain and space.

About Sfera Technologies:

Sfera Technologies seeks to build qualitatively new data and space infrastructures. We are developing HomePort, a new type of ground station as a service platform prioritizing direct user interaction, real-time operations, and versatile operator participation. HomePort will function on Ephemeris, our own protocol providing a blockchain groundwork as well as bridges between our integrated space data services and various tools related to ground stations, data handling, and marketplaces.

HomePort website: homeport.network/technology/
Ephemeris Protocol website: ephprotocol.io/
Ephemeris Telegram channel: t.me/EphemerisToken
Ephemeris Twitter:

About Polygon:

Previously known as Matic Network, Polygon is a framework for building interconnected blockchain networks. It is designed to create a hub where different blockchains can easily plug into — an “Internet of Blockchains” — while simultaneously overcoming some of their individual limitations, like high fees, poor scalability, and limited security. Polygon’s scalability tools have seen widespread adoption with 350+ Dapps, ~343M txns and ~660K wallets, and a $7.3BN market cap.

Website: polygon.technology/
Telegram Channel: polygonofficial
Twitter: twitter.com/0xPolygon